Strasse der Monumente

The Monument of Hermann

In the year 9 AD “Hermann the Cheruscian” (also named Arminius) led the united tribe alliances of the Germanic peoples victorious against the legions of the Roman proconsul Publius Quintilius Varus. Therewith he caused the Roman Empire a damageable defeat on its peak of power, which would be of extreme importance for the further European history. Since the rediscovery of the report about this battle about 500 years ago, “Hermann the Cheruscian” became one of the most important symbolic figures for Germans.

The monument with the statue of Hermann is situated at the Grotenburg near Detmold. In 1875 after the creation of the German Empire, it was ceremonially initiated as a national monument in presence of the emperor Wilhelm I. Its constructor, the sculptor and architect Ernst van Bandel, has worked altogether 37 years on it. It should serve as a memorial for peace and national unity and was funded by donations from all social strata of the German people.

Today the monument of Hermann is one of the most popular destinations in Ostwestfalen-Lippe (East Westphalia-Lippe), which attracts annually more than 250,000 visitors. One can climb up to the dome from a spiral staircase in the foundation and enjoy the magnificent panoramic sight from the platform. In the Bandelhütte, the place where Ernst von Bandel lived temporary and which is named after him, there is a small exhibition about the history of the monument, which is situated on the area of the monument.

The monument and its related facilities are hold by the Hermannsdenkmalstiftung (trust of the monument of Hermann), which is an institution of the Landesverband Lippe (National Association Lippe).

Measures of the monument
foundation: 26,89 m
statue up to the point of the sword: 26,57 m
total length: 53,46 m
length of the sword: 7 m
weight of the sword: 11 centner

Auf der Grotenburg, 32760 Detmold

Opening hours
March–October  9am–18.30pm
November–February  9.30am–16pm

Hermannsdenkmal - Stiftung
Schloss Brake, Schlossstr. 18
32657 Lemgo
Fon 05261/2502-0

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